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the ancient heritage of its vineyards and a great respect for tradition hold the key to Campania’s success in the world of wine. Instead of seeking out international markets by planting Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay, Campania’s winemakers have stayed true to their proud heritage of indigenous grapes that best reflect Campania’s terroir.

Campania’s wines were first enjoyed by the Romans whose proud tradition of producing Falernian from Aglianico grapes around Naples was reflected in other parts of the region. They also produced a white wine that is thought to be related to the modern Falanghina. Wines made around Vesuvius and Avellino were similarly revered.

Campania has four DOCG appellations for the ancient wines of Taurasi, Fiano di Avellino, Falerno del Massico and Greco di Tufo. 

Taurasi is the region’s most prolific wine made from the Aglianico grape, whose name is derived from "Hellenic" as the grape was first introduced by the Greeks. Sometimes known as "The Barolo of the South", Taurasi and other exceptional reds from Falerno del Massico reflect the sheer potential of the grape. Like Barolo the wines have great ageing potential, although the flavours that emerge with age show the wine to be markedly different from the great Nebbiolos.

The islands of Capri and Ischia are also included in the region’s DOC appellations and some very fine reds and whites are also produced along the coast in Penisola Sorrentina and Costa d’Amalfi.